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  • The New Viticulture - Douglas Meador

Tales from an Oenophile - Richard Best

Tales from an Oenophile
After moving into a new home, William Kensington - a savvy wine writer who refuses to play by the established rules - discovers that his young neighbours want to learn more about wine but don't know where to start. William adopts the couple as his students, and under his guidance, Aimee and Christian Rainer embark on a voyage of discovery in the world of wine. Join Aimee, Christian and William as they explore the basic wine styles, visit a working winery, spend an evening "nose training", tour a wine show, spend time with a wine maker, explore the cellar of a wine collector, and prepare for a party by selecting wines to match a gourmet menu. Possibly the most unique wine book ever written, 'Tales From An Oenophile' sets aside established wine lore and investigates the topic with new eyes (or is that with a new nose?). Author Richard Best takes a "show me" approach as he explores, explains and debunks many of wine's mysteries. This light-hearted and unique educational work is guaranteed to have you discovering wines like a veteran noser.


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