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  • The Everything Bartender's Book - Cheryl Charming

Wines of the World: A Connoisseurs' Guide - Pete De Villiers

Wines of the World: A Connoisseurs' Guide
?The fastest & easiest way to know everything there is to know about wines----including what wines to drink, whether you?re eating an appetizer, pasta, fruit or a 10-pound steak?<br /><br />Do you wish to know:<br /><br />Learn everything there is to know about wines---without having to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars and months of your time in a class?<br /><br />Discover the basic differences between red, white, & sparkling wine---and what foods to eat with them?<br /><br />Understand the differences between sweet and dry wine?<br /><br />Transform yourself into a virtual expert on the subject of wine in record time?even if you know absolutely nothing about wine right now?<br /><br />Yes? Then we have good news for you, because right now, we?re giving you exclusive access to what?s been voted the best course to know everything there is to know about wines.<br /><br />And once you do, you?ll know things like:<br /><br />Red low alcohol wine goes great with foods that include Italian pasta and red sauce, beef and chocolate. Red wines, such as Pinot Noir, go great with pork.<br /><br />White wine is perfect for poultry and Asian food & seafood, such as shellfish.<br /><br />Sparkling wines go great with desserts and fruit and are perfect for after dinner.<br /><br />And this is just the tip of the iceberg!<br /><br />Here?s a Sneak-Peak at what you?ll get and learn in this amazing course<br /><br />Winemaking - Viticulture / Quality Factors / Vinification / Wine Tasting / Correct Storage Procedures (Temperatures) etc....<br /><br />Understanding Different Grapes.<br /><br />Food and Wine Pairings / French Regions Part 1.<br /><br />French Regions Part 2 / the wine regions of Germany and Spain.<br /><br />The wine regions of Italy and South America.<br /><br />The wine regions of the New World; (USA / South Africa / Australia / New Zealand.<br /><br />Champagne / Sparkling Wines, Dessert Wines (inc. Sherry and Port).<br /><br />And much more!