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A Vineyard Odyssey - John I Kiger

A Vineyard Odyssey
A Vineyard Odyssey is a fascinating saga of wine that takes the reader on a travelogue of the many hazards that lie along the journey from vine to bottle. John Kiger tracks the nefarious denizens of the vineyard world—the host of animals, insects, fungi, bacteria, and viruses that are capable of sabotaging a promising vintage right under the nose of an unsuspecting grower. Highlighting the many hazards of nature that lie hidden in any vintage, Kiger explains how an organic approach to cultivation can conquer or at least contain them. This is the unique story of a winegrower and an organic philosophy that guides the annual struggle to coax great wine from a steep hillside and a few thousand vines, vividly bringing to life the hard-fought battles behind the wines we savor.