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Vodka Cocktails - Stuart Walton

Vodka Cocktails
This title shows you how to make all the fabulous vodka drinks, from the Screwdriver, Harvey Wallbanger and Sea Breeze to more exotic concoctions such as the Chilli Vodkatini, Apres-Ski and French Horn. It includes entertaining anecdotes and short histories about each cocktail, with expert tips on how to prepare and blend the ingredients, and how to serve the finished drink. It offers handy advice on essential cocktail-making equipment, the glasses and hints and tips, including creative ideas for garnishes and decorations. It is a useful guide to the different types of vodka on the market, from Russia, Poland, Sweden and Finland, as well as vodkas that have infusions of blackcurrant, cherry and bison-grass added. Simple, yet sophisticated, vodka is one of the world's most popular and versatile spirits. It is always served very cold, then drunk in a variety of ways: it can be knocked back as a quick shot or sipped slowly; drunk neat or blended with other spirits and mixers; or used to accompany dishes such as Russian caviar. This book contains a selection of 50 vodka mixes that you can make at home, from classics such as the Screwdriver to concoctions including Kew Punch and Soft Fruit and Ginger Cup. Each recipe begins by explaining the history of the cocktail - for example, the Vodkatini was made famous by James Bond and is shaken, not stirred . There are also guidelines on how to serve vodka, the bartending equipment you will need, the types of glasses that can be used and tricks of the trade, such as crushing ice, frosting glasses, making decorative twists, muddling drinks and steeping vodka with fruit and chillies. The art of cocktail-making is as appealing as ever, and whichever type of vodka mix you prefer, this book will help you to enjoy a delicious tipple even more.


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