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Texas on the Table - Terry Thompson-Anderson

Texas on the Table
With a bounty of locally grown meats and produce, artisanal cheeses, and a flourishing wine culture, it's a luscious time to be cooking in Texas. From restaurant chefs to home cooks, Texans are going to local dairies, orchards, farmers' markets, ranches, vineyards, and seafood sellers to buy the very freshest ingredients, whether we're cooking traditional favorites or the latest haute cuisine. We've discovered that Texas terroir-our rich variety of climates and soils, as well as our diverse ethnic cultures-creates a unique taste of place that gives Texas food a flavor all its own. Written by one of Texas's leading cookbook authors, Terry Thompson-Anderson, <cite>Texas on the Table presents 150 new and classic recipes, along with stories of the people-farmers, ranchers, shrimpers, cheesemakers, winemakers, and chefs-who inspired so many of them and who are changing the taste of Texas food. The recipes span the full range from finger foods and first courses to soups and breads, salads, seafood, chicken, meat (including wild game), sides and vegetarian dishes, and sweets. Some of the recipes come from the state's most renowned chefs, and all are user-friendly for home cooks. Finally, the authors and winemakers tell which recipes they turn to when opening their favorite wines. This delicious compilation of recipes and stories of the people behind them, illustrated with Sandy Wilson's beautiful photographs, makes <cite>Texas on the Table the must-have cookbook for everyone who relishes the flavors of the Lone Star State.